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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Prostate Massage Therapist vs Do It Yourself?

How Important Is Your Sexual Health To You?

The Practice of PM Therapy has been 'catching on' and growing enormously over the past couple of years. I think that the taboo of non gay men having their anus touched, plus the known effectiveness and holistic benefits of PM are becoming clearer, and of course, the fact you can and probably will have a mind blowing orgasm, is enough to get any red blooded mans' appetite wet.....

I'm finding that there's a clear interest from gentlemen in all perspectives and if I were to analyse my enquiries, viewers of my blog AND my clients I'm sure that there would be 3 clear categories of men: 

  1. Men who are connoisseurs of PM and have been using the therapy for an array of reasons, including preventative prostate problems, sexual health improvement and personal pleasure.
  2. Men who have 'heard' about the therapy, stumbled across my blog and are interested in trying it for what ever reason but want to ensure its with a professional when dealing with their utterly 'delicate bits'
  3. Guys who perhaps usually have a regular massage where PM isn't on the menu 
  4. And men who simply love the idea of incorporating something erotic, pretty guilt free and that also has health benefits...
This delicate little gland is a tubuloalveolar exocrine gland in the male reproductive system which stores ans secretes milky white alkaline fluid which constitutes around 25-35% of the semen used for male reproduction. 

This little Gland really does hold the key to men's reproductive health.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Over One Hundred Thousand Views In Such A Short Time, Thank You So Much

February 2015

I would like to touch base with my clients and followers. I know it's been a long while since I've blogged anything much and I still get so many new readers looking at my old posts; I truly hope you've at least gained a little knowledge, as well as a few "knowing laughs" because I'm amazed and flattered that my writings even get read!

I've had a very busy year 2014 and found opportunities to try new things, as well as working on myself in many ways. I've had a twitter holiday, studied, spent time with family and friends. I've been to 2 weddings, one birth, a baptism and several really great events, as well as doing my fair share of charity based activities. Last year was no walk in the park and I found the need to take time out from my usual working holidays just to re-evaluate, reconvene and regenerate myself. It's amazing how life changing events can change so much about oneself!

Anyway, back to the office! I have been doing a few UK locations and really enjoyed meeting some lovely professionals from all walks of life. Aside the assholes we meet, there are some extremely kind, interesting and down to earth people out there...

Nowdays, I rarely watch TV, I read lots, try to eat healthily and exercise daily and I have to say..... I feel so much more "me" if that makes sense.

If you'd like to book a massage/prostate massage with me then please do drop me an email with your name, age, location, profession and needs

See you soon xxx

Friday, 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas to the world......

I'm not going to write about what a materialistic, selfish, throw away society we are in the Western World because no one wants to be dragged down when we are in the midst of festive celebration here in the UK.......

I just want to say that in the recent months I have been working with vulnerable groups òf people which in turn has made me feel less needy, more self aware and highlighted my appreciation of simply having a loving, caring and healthy family by my side.

Not all are so lucky and many people so easily justify their "need" for expensive gadgets, top of the range cars and designer goods to prove to their peers that they are successful and somewhat powerful, maybe even important to know......

My wants and needs are just to be able to have a healthy, happy year and to be able to have a roof over my head, food in my belly and to progress at the pace that suits me and my family. I have lot's to be grateful for and if I win the's  just a bonus  xxxxx

And lots of understanding

Monday, 13 October 2014

Gentlemen Of The Middle East ♥ You Are Highly Recommend To See This Lady

I first spoke to Paris when I started touring in Ireland and she has always been really helpful with lots of working ladies as to where to stay, how to get there and other girlie stuff. 

Amazing Body, Soft Skin and an ass to die for!

Paris is Ultra friendly, extremely sexy and a definite must for the gentlemen who wish to see a truely professional, down to earth, bright woman to share some adult time with.

International British Escort

I know she is going to be back in the Middle East soon so keep an eye out and pre book because her recent trip to Bahrain was fully booked!

Good Luck Paris and stay safe xx

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Prostate Massage - The REAL Facts!


I have many, many clients who really appreciate prostate therapy and over the years I have introduced it to men all over the globe. I would say that it's a bit of an acquired taste and  for some, it's a NO GO but my clients range from very young, to quite mature and for the majority who try it, I receive really good feed back....

If a guy hasn't experienced any form of prostate play before, I am extra careful, extra gentle and only go at his pace. It's essential for him to be fully relaxed and not nervous so I give a deep, sensual body rub and try to arouse him accordingly (giggle) Being sexually excited will help the nerves, as well as the actual therapy...

I will explain as much as possible here so that you can make an informed choice because all men can benefit from having their prostate stimulated by someone who actually know's what she's doing xxx

The Basic Definition:- 

Prostate massage is the massage or stimulation of the male g-spot (prostate gland) for "medical" or "sexual" purposes

Prostate Facts

  1. The prostate gland's main function is to secrete and store a clear, slightly acidic fluid that is part of semen (cum
  2. A healthy prostate is approximately the size of a walnut
  3. Men's Prostate milking refers to the sexual practice of relieving the build up of reproductive semen fluid (cum) that may otherwise be left to sit there.

My Method

I start by using my finger for the Massage as it's the only way to ensure that I can reach the EXACT spot that I am looking for. Like women,  all guys are built differently inside and the gland can vary as to "how deep" it's located. For the best results you MUST HIT THE SPOT!
I hear many stories of guys having objects inserted for prostate massage but I also know the dangers and damage this can cause! I can offer you the choice to be on your back with a pillow under your butt and legs bent or, for the more relaxed man, all fours can be a great position. Several guys love to pull their legs right up as far as they can to allow me better access and to give them ultimate pleasure, it's a personal preference!


  • Be assured that I know exactly what I am looking for AND where it is. I have been doing this for over 4 and a half years and I am very experienced.

  • I have a great new toy from the US. It's a very powerful and precise little anal wand that I can also use if you wish...The general consensus so far is   W O W!

  • I wear new medical latex gloves and plenty of water-based lubricant.

Your Preparation for prostate massage is important-

Please visit the bathroom for a hot shower and wash your anus well with soap
Some gentlemen like to have an enema before meeting me and a selected few like me to perform the enema as part of the session. This MUST be pre booked and you must have your own equipment.

The pleasure bonus of prostate massage is experiencing the 
''big O''

A prostate orgasm can blow your mind and put you into a totally relaxed state, and often does.
This orgasm is very personal and different for each individual, but the consensus is that it's actually a series of smaller dry, full-body orgasms that builds into a single or series of large full-body orgasms.
Clients have said it's the most intense and beautiful pleasure they have ever had....
Some gents shout out with the pleasure, some are left breathless for a few minutes and some are silent; it's different for every man.
(I will post some personal accounts soon...)


Ok, so you know about the sexual benefits but what about the medical side that's often forgotten?
A large majority of gentlemen over a certain age need to take good care of their prostate health and I often assist in helping them with certain "worries" they have.

PM can help with:~

  •  Enlarged Prostate
  •  Prostatitis
  •  Improves urine flow
  •  Reduces frequent late night bathroom trips
  •  Pain and discomfort
  •  Painful ejaculation

I am NOT medically trained but after feeling so many prostate glands, I would of course inform you if I felt any unusual irregularities or tenderness.

The medical facts show that having a prostate massage every so often can be beneficial for all men and can help prevent some of the above ailments which must be good, especially as PROSTATE CANCER is rising rapidly.

If you would like any further information or you are worried about any prostate problems then please ask a medical professional.